Mustache Bros: Escape from Puzzle Island


The Story

The Mustache Bros are a secret society of crypto experts from all around the world. Their symbol of recognition is a moustache and they all have one common goal: To make the internet communication more secure and the world a better place. During their congress in Transylvania these experts were about to unveil a new and easy-to-use secure technology for communication. Several countries were anything but happy about this and so the Mustache Bros have been kidnapped by a secret service to a lunatic asylum on an island called Puzzle Island.

Puzzle Island is a huge island with a secret lunatic asylum where doctors, nurses, professors, guards and all the crazy people live. The only chance to escape from the Island is to walk the path of puzzles which has been created by the evil director of the sanatorium, "Mr. Surveillance".

Four guys on a mission

The Mustache Bros are Jeff, Paolo, Oscar & George. They all have moustaches and a will to make the world a better place.

Trapped on an island

They are trapped on Puzzle Island and they have the solve the path of puzzles.

Seven different sections

The island has seven different sections from the lunatic asylum garden to the spooky forest or the desert.

A unique game play

Mustache Bros: Escape from Puzzle Island has a fresh approach for a puzzle game & many cool elements like warp stations or bouncing walls.

More than 100 levels

The path of puzzles has seven different sections with several levels in a section. Solving all the levels will be quite a challenge.

Solutions included

Each level has a hidden solution file. You can use your collected compasses to show the solution to a level.

Music & Graphics

We did everything to make this game more than just another puzzle game. Enjoy great graphics and music.

It's free

Mustache Bros: Escape from Puzzle Island is available for free in the App Store. Just like growing a mustache is free. Or encrypting your mails.

Coming Summer 2016Exclusive on iOS


The aim of each level is to resolve all moveable elements. At a first glance this sounds simple and yet it is difficult to realize. Because once you move an element it only stops when it hits another object.

imageThe gameplay is easy to understand: If two moveable elements (balls) with the same color collide or if a ball hits a cross with the same color both objects will vanish. imageThere are over 90 levels which are a real challenge for your brain. Solving a level is anything but easy because objects like arrows, color changers, warp stations changes or death walls make you think twice how to solve a level. imageIf you solve a levels you will get a reward up to 3 stars. There are also 20 different goals that the player can accomplish in Mustache Bros: Escape from Puzzle Island. Each of the achievements will bring the player extra points and a reward. imageTo make it a little bit more difficult you only have a limited number of moves for some levels. But there is help because you can use one of your collected compasses to show you the next solution move. imageThe level map shows the path of puzzles which leads from the Snow Den Island Asylum to the Lunatic Garden. There are more sections like the Spooky Forest or the Turing Desert. imageIf you run out of lives or of compasses you have to wait a couple of minutes until you get a new life. You can also buy extras like lives or compasses in the Mustache Bros Store. imageYou can also challenge with your Facebook friends. See how how many moves and attempts your friends needed to solve a level and show them that you found a better solution to solve a level. imageThe game comes with great graphics and a stunning soundtrack. Be prepared for more than 10 different music tracks and entertaining sound effects.

Click to toggle between single and grid view.

The Mustache Bros support encryption, movember and all kind of mustaches.